The restaurant is currently mainly used for serving hotel breakfasts, and you can feel its almost 100-year-old design. The room was renovated from the ground up in 2006, and according to surviving photographs and plans, it was put into the form it held during the First Republic. The interior is complemented by photographs of interesting buildings in Ostrava. The restaurant is dominated by the largest painting by the famous Czech painter, Vilém Vünsch, from 1927, under the title Alegorie Ostravy (The Allegory of Ostrava), which was ordered specially for Brioni by its owner, Karel Schindler. The work hung in the restaurant until 1949, when it was stolen, and for 61 years it was considered lost.

In 2010, the painting suddenly appeared and was exhibited at the Černá louka (Black Meadow) exhibition in Ostrava. Over 26,000 people came to see the “lost” work. After a year of negotiations and its restoration on 26 September 2011, after 62 years, it was returned to its original place.

In the restaurant, you can see other original works by Vünsch.



We offer

  • Rental of the restaurant for presentational purposes
  • Company parties, social events, weddings, etc
  • Free Internet access

Company events and parties

If you have succumbed to the charms of Brioni Boutique Hotels and want to have a party or corporate event here, please contact us.
We will advise you and cater to your needs.

Military Bar

Open 24 hours a day, and the only place where smoking is allowed in the hotel (except when breakfast is served).

The bar is decorated with military “artifacts”, and not only historical, but also contemporary. The dominant feature of the bar is a 7-metre long and more than 1 ton in weight CUB anti-aircraft missile, with a range of 28 km.

There has been a military theme in this area since 1925, when once a month, members of the Legionnaires gathered.

Hotel garden

In good weather, you can sit in the summer garden, where we prepare grilled specialties. The garden is ideal for organising private garden parties.

Restaurant opening hours

Mo - Fri
Breakfast: 7:00 - 10:00

Sat - Sun
Breakfast: 8:00 - 10:00

Current menu: